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American Legion Rieke-Meidl Post 319

Cody, NE - Statistical Overview

Chartered after World War I on March 30, 1926. Auxiliary Post was chartered shortly before, on October 20, 1925.

The current Post building was originally the White Elephant Dance Hall. Members have improved the post building with remodeling of the interior in 2014, most of the cost being paid by the local school after an agreement was made to transform the dance hall into a basketball court for Jr. High students' after school practice programs.

Some accomplishments include:
- Color Guard at High School football games and regional military funerals.
- Partnership with school system to remodel and host new basketball court.
- Annual Steak Supper at the start of hunting season to raise funds for the Post.
- ALA Poppy Sale and annual packing of "diddy bags" for regional vets at the VA during the holidays.
- Yearly sponsoring delegates comprised of high school juniors to Boys and Girls State, a summer leadership training.

Their purpose: "To honor all military veterans of this community and to be of greater service to our community."

Paid membership American Legion Post as of 6/30/2015 - 81
Paid membership of Auxiliary Post as of 6/30/2015 - 91

Williiam H. Williams, 68
E-5, Army 1968 - 1970

Joined The American Legion 1986
Current Position: Commander

Michael E. Jones, 57
E-5, USAF 8/1975 - 8/1981

Joined The American Legion 2008
Current Position: Vice Commander

Douglas M. Goshorn, 53
MAJ/04, US Army 3/1983 - 7/2012

Joined The American Legion 2013
Current Position: Second Vice Commander

Doug Goshorn rolls flags after they were displayed for July 4th. He is standing at the intersection of the highway and Main St.; in the background stands the Circle C grocery store, owned and operated by Cody High School students.

Lawrence T. "Larry" Johnson, 76
Army PFC 1/9/1962 - 1/9/1964

Joined The American Legion 1970
Current Position: Adjutant

Veterans Larry Johnson and Gary Eberly drink cocktails at the Husker Hub, Cody, NE's only bar and restaurant.

Veteran Larry Johnson's favorite memory from his 45 years of service in American Legion Post 319 was marching in a parade at a National Convention in New Orleans, LA in 1985. He is proud to have served for our great counry, and thinks other veterans should join the American Legion to keep their post active.

Larry Johnson in his living room. He found the bison skull and various rocks while working as a surveyor for USGS. Cody, NE is full of the Johnson family; Larry is one of 9 children and all of the Johnsons that live in Cody are members and supporters of the American Legion and ALA.

Gary G. Eberly, 77
12, US Army Paratrooper 10/1957 - 10/1959

Joined The American Legion 1961
Current Position: Sergeant At Arms

Gary Eberly, 77, overlooks the town of Cody in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Gary moved to Cody when he was in High School, and has served as Sergeant at Arms for Post 319 since 1990.

John T. Johnson, 68
PFC 4, US Army, 101 + 173 Airborn, 1970 - 1972

Joined the American Legion
Current Position: Member

Susan K. Johnson

Joined The American Legion Auxiliary
Current Position: Membership Chair

Forrest L. Eberly, 72
E-5, US Army 10/1965- 10/1967

Joined The American Legion 1967
Current Position: Member

Veteran brothers Forrest and Gary Eberly have a late lunch at the Husker Hub in Cody, NE

Leon L. Eberly, 69
E-4, US Army 1967 - 1968

Joined The American Legion 1969
Current Position: Member

Gary Cady, 71
E-7, US Navy, 3/31/1958 - 4/15/1977

Joined The American Legion 1988
Current Position: Member

Donald E. Adams, 83
Yomen 3rd Class, US Navy 6/1951 - 6/1955

Joined The American Legion 1955
Current Position: Member

Don Adams, a veteran from the Korean War, is so proud of Post 319 that he carries a newspaper clipping showing that he participated in a 16 man Color Guard at a recent funeral. Participation from members is getting harder and harder, and having 16 members at one event is a rarity.

Robert Schneider, 80
PFC, US Army 1/1957 - 1/1959

Joined The American Legion 1960
Current Position: Member

Jimmy Heath, 64
E-5, US Army National Guard 1971 - 1977

Joined The American Legion 1999
Current Position: Member

Larry Johnson repairs flags with a little bit of wood glue in his home workshop.

Dallas Wyckoff, 33
E-5 / SGT, US Army 7/13/2000 - 9/1/2008

Joined The American Legion 2012
Current Position: Member

Jerry J. Fullerton, 62
E-6 / ET1, Naval Reserves 3/3/1973 - 3/7/1979, 7/12/1985 - 5/2009

Joined The American Legion 1977
Current Position: Member

Jerry Fullerton on part of his ranch property in the Sandhills. Jerry has been a life member for 38 years, joining after neighbor Jim Kruger asked him to. In 1975 after returning stateside, Jerry was treated badly as a returning vet in California. He learned quickly not to wear his uniform in public.

Jerry Fullerton and daughter Chelsea Luthy at their ranch home. Jerry's mother was a nurse in the Navy during WW2, and after serving for 2 years active service and 4 years reserve time, he re-enlisted as a Naval Reservist in 1985 during the farm crisis. He remained in the Naval Reserves until 2009 and helped support his family with the additional money he earned in service. Today, Chelsea and her husband Jordan help run the Fullerton Ranch.

Jerry Purdum, 42
E-5, US Army 10/1991 - 3/1999

Joined The American Legion 2012
Current Position: Member

Joshua D. Jones, 36

American Legion supporter, Cody Town Council

On July 5, veteran Doug Goshorn and supporter Josh Jones drive around Cody and remove all the flags they had displayed for Fourth of July. All flags were displayed on brackets mounted to light poles so the flags would be lit throughout the night, and a member designed a custom grabbing pole to reach each flag easily.

Jean Vackiner

Joined The American Legion Auxiliary
Current Position: President

American Legion Auliliary former and current president enjoy drinks and popcorn with other veterans at the Husker Hub. At one time, Eva and Jean both worked at the high school, and Eva encouraged Jean to join the ALA to honor her father's service in the Korean War. Jean says "Everywhere in town there are women doing what they have to do while the men are in the country, doing what they want to do."

Betty Williams

Joined American Legion Auxiliary 2006
Current Position: Vice President

Eva Nollette

Joined The American Legion Auxiliary 1953, Permanent Member, former NW Division Vice President, State President, Post President
Current Position: Member

Eva Nollette, permanent member of the American Legion Auxiliary since 1953, waters her garden outside her home in Cody, NE. In addition to her years of service with the Auxiliary, Eva played a key role in the planning and building of the town's grocery store, Circle C Market. "We were almost a wheel but we were short one spoke - the grocery store. What's happening on the highway makes or breaks a town."

Carol Johnson

Joined The American Legion Auxiliary 1990
Current Position: Member

Post 319 and Auxiliary members have detailed historical records and ephemera of the history of their Post.

Reike-Meidl Post 319 purchased the former White Elephant Hall as their Post Headquarters. In 2014, members decided to partner with the local school system and transform the dance hall into an indoor basketball court so both Jr. High and High School students could practice right after school and not late into the evening. Some students commute oven an hour each way to attend school in this rural area.